November 1st, 2009

abstract butterfly

pumpkin green sparrow

Green Cheese, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Autumn sparrows. They fly south from places far from here. They gather in our woodlands to over-winter, even as the scissor-tailed flycatcher and the western kingbird vacate here in flocks to head to the tropical south.

I like sparrows because I know so little about them. Each species has is own markings and "look", but the variations are subtle. Unless I am quick with my birding guide, i cannot distinguish one from another. Tonight I think I saw song sparrows, but they might easily have been Lincoln's sparrows instead.

Soon the egrets will migrate away, in huge funnels arching skyward
like a white tornado seeking refugee wicked witches. The moon shimmered in late afternoon, in the way that moons do. The water flooded over the dam. The time passed me by, and I bought a pumpkin-flavored frozen yogurt.