October 18th, 2009

abstract butterfly

butterfly bush sunday

flower fantasia

Today I arrived at church ten minutes late. I chose to attend the traditional service, as I find the hymns more to my liking at that service. By arriving late, I missed the singing "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing", one of my favorite hymns.

After church, we tried to go to a breakfast place or two for brunch, but all proved crowded. We stopped in the Market Street Cafe, where I had prime rib, asparagus and broccoli. My wife had a buffet salad.

I drove in the early afternoon to a chain haircut place, where I got a very short and very serviceable haircut.Then I drove to a Mobil oil change place, where a man with the Illustrated Man's fashion sense about tattoos competently, politely and quickly changed my oil.

I drove home, where the weather had warmed so much that our backyard was alive with butterflies. I stood and watched them, and tried without success to get good photos of a few. Then I watched a sports contest on television in which men did a lot of running about in the snow. The name of the game was football. When I went into the back yard at 4, things had chilled considerably. I rested a bit, and then took our dogs on a short walk. It was by then quite chilly indeed. We ate panninis and tomato soup. We watched episode 2 of this season's series of "Heroes" on the handy "on demand" feature. I am glad to have had a quiet day.