October 14th, 2009

abstract butterfly


The fog persists, but the chill dissipates.

Psychedelic Skipper

I met with insurance agents this week. I speak reasonably good insurance language, as I find myself with an improbable expertise in some aspects of insurance. I think speaking Estonian would be more impressive, but my limited expertise runs to a different language.

I have been reading David Baker's non-fiction book called "The Organ", which is not about newspapers or
biological artifacts but instead about pipe organs. I like that the organ long predates the piano. I like that the barrel organ was used for churches that could not afford an organist. I like the idea of hearing a symphony played on an organ. Life often seems to me like a symphony written for an orchestra but played on a modest Wurlitzer theatre organ.

Some days all I need are a change of oil for my car and a short haircut. Other days I need imagination, and still others discipline. Some days a glass of orange/pineapple juice might do.