October 13th, 2009

abstract butterfly

on crayons

Autumn Flowers, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Yesterday I flew to Kansas on business. We drove in a little KIA past fields of brown harvested corn and mahogany harvested wheat. The Kansas highway markers feature the highway number in the midst of a sunflower sun. I flew back home that night, richer for the experience.

I thought about the many colors in the old 64 color Crayola crayon box. The names have changed since I was a more avid crayon-user, but they still have the color "brick red'.

I watched a video from the Sesame workshop about how crayons are made. I like to know how things are made. I think it would be fun to take factory tours.

I like the kaleidoscope maker at Krazydad dot com because I can take my pictures of flowers and turn them into intricate patterns.
An example is set forth at the top of this post.

Today would be a good rainy day for crayons, but instead it is a good rainy day for work.