October 3rd, 2009

abstract butterfly


Hibiscus in the rain

I had a burst of creativity, resulting in completion of an ambient piece with which I am pleased. I am well along towards completing enough material to do a submission to see who may release this one--though I may try to put it out on NSI, it's fun to see where else it might place, if anywhere.

We went to Richardson for the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson. It is held in a nice little park across from the Dallas Chess Club. We enjoyed the art. I also liked the music---one fellow played a Chapman Stick well, and another fellow was a great finger-style guitarist, playing cool ambient-ish stuff up along the neck of the guitar.

The best part of all, though, meaning no disrespect to the artists, was the huge number of dogs that came to the festival. Puppies, grown dogs, and old dogs of every stripe, from Golden Doodle to Jack Russell.
I could dog-watch all day. We had a good time at the art festival. My wife got some lovely silver ear-rings,
and I got the satisfaction of buying only notecards by an artist in Missouri who donated her proceeds to animal adoption on her farm.

We watched the local sports contest on TV, watched the rain in the sky, and ate salmon and wild rice.