August 26th, 2009

abstract butterfly

on bats and alpine warmth

Bighorn Sheep at Rocky Mountain National Park

Wildflower at Rocky Mountain National Park

Vantage from the Bierstadt Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

Feeding Elk 1

Weidemayer's Admiral butterfly at Rocky Mountain National  Park

This Colorado week we've seen marmots and montane, elk and aerial tramways, arctic tundra and dark-eyed juncos, bighorn sheep and rushing rivers, chipmunks and waterfalls, ground squirrels, gorgeous flowers, beetle-ruined pine trees and a curious zebra-like butterfly called Weidemeyer's admiral.

We've hiked for miles, and seen and been conquered by all we've seen. I've discovered, as well, the curious nostalgia of a cell phone that is "in range" only a fraction of the time, and internet connections that can make molasses seem quick.

The very best thing my wife and I have done or seen thus far during this trip is to share a delightful picnic with vuzh and his charming wife, talking about the all and sundry that Lewis Carroll might call candlewax and kings, and dining on home-made sushi and cheese by a picturesque mountain lake,with bats flying overhead, as dusk melted into darkness. We had a grand time, for which I am glad.

This vacation has involved a bit of work-on-the-road, and will involve more work. It's good sometimes to remember that there is more to life than work, or even scenery.