August 7th, 2009

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Paco, Shih Tzu Dog

Paco, Shih Tzu Dog, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

"we are who we are what do the others know? but
poetry is not for me
so show me the way to go (home)"--Sundays song

This fine fellow is Paco, my in-laws' shih tzu dog. I took this snap out in the Arizona desert, on a fine March day a few months ago. I learned today that Paco passed away quite unexpectedly, at the age of about one year.

My flickr photo of Paco is featured on someone's how-to website as an example of a puppy-cut. I see it often when I check my flickr referrers, to see where my Creative Commons photos get used.
Lots of people "met" Paco.

I feel a sense of loss, though I'd met Paco but a bareful few fingerfuls of times. Loss works like that sometimes. I do not wish to melodramatically claim the loss of another's pet as my own, on thin acquaintance. But I can say he was a fine and jaunty dog. Rest in peace.