August 1st, 2009

abstract butterfly

august 1 in collage

August 1

Today I--

*ran through a deluge of rain without raingear--my wife wisely brought raingear, but I was traveling light;
*attended a seminar about our local butterflies which I really enjoyed;
*thought about luna moths flying high up in the night, visible in the field lights at harold cabe field, where I played little league low some 37 years ago;
*got to go on a visit to a butterfly farm run by a man in his back yard. He said "Fourteen years ago, I wanted to kill my boss. So I knew I had to do something different".
*saw a horse grazing in the pasture next door to the butterfly farm
*watched swallowtails and monarchs in the Texas Discovery Garden butterfly garden
*rode with my wife while she test-drove a Sonata and a Fusion hybrid
*hung out with our two canine pals;
*ate pulled pork BBQ at Dickey's BBQ; and
*wrote a program in Logo which drew a bit of string-art-mandala

Tonight's challenge: try to figure out which grass skipper butterfly is so abundant in our back yard.