July 31st, 2009

abstract butterfly

the path


Tonight we went to a showing of a James Earl Jones movie at the Angelika movie theater. The showing benefited My Own Book, a group that empowers people by getting free books into their hands. The movie about a fellow who starts a reading room in inner city LA, was a good Hallmark-ish show. I'm reading Lawrence Lessig's "Free Culture", about the ways in which over-zealous intellectual property regimes diminish the culture as a whole. The balance between rights and freedom is an important topic.

I did not win a door prize tonight. I fear that my publishers' clearinghouse moments all came as an early teen, when I won a German chocolate cake in a cakewalk for two years' running. My dog Bea barks at thunder. I don't bark at all, but admired a lovely half moon tonight. If werewolves howl at a full moon, perhaps puggles bark at clouds obscuring half a moon. Last night on the radio Dylan Thomas read a poem--a great reading from 1954.
We ate sandwiches with friends after the movie and talked about the televangelist the Reverend Melissa Scott.
She manages to explicate ideas in a way that's all explication, and little hindrance in revl the idea itself.
Amid the Aramaic to latin translations on the big white board, she fails to mention the koan about how everyday life is the path.
abstract butterfly

expert for a brief moment

Our dog Bea in green and blue, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Tonight my wife went out for dinner with some of her friends. I was tempted to go to Uncle Calvin's coffee shop for the weekly folk music concert, but I am exhausted after a very hard week of work.

Tomorrow we plan to drive into Dallas where the Texas Discovery Gardens has a class in butterflies. I'm looking forward to learning a lot.

Tonight I hear rain falling outside. I sit here typing while my headphones play Henri Petterson's "e-hip hop (goodbye bavaria)". I've enjoyed Henri Petterson's work for years now. He's a good example of what a great thing shared music can be.

I'm enjoying postal chess on-line at Schemingmind.com. I used to play at the International Correspondence Chess Federation, until i realized that its lax rules permit players to be computer-assisted. I do not want to play matches of my computer v. another's computer,
so I switched to Scheming Mind. It has rules. I enjoy Scheming Mind a great deal. It's free, with an optional 20 dollar a year "suscriber" level, I like any fun thing that costs only 20 dollars a year.

This week I drew one game, lost another, am about to lose another, and will soon win yet another, when my opponent, 6 pawns down in a rook endgame, finally throws in the towel. My rating right now is over 1800, a "SM Expert", but it will decline in the next rating cycle. Still, my overall play is not bad--and I'm having fun.

Tonight as I drove on our little street, I saw several songbirds harrying a small hawk. The hawk seem indifferent to their protestations, though he did not make any lazy circles in the sky.

I'm so glad it's the weekend.