July 16th, 2009

abstract butterfly

glimmers of galaxies of hope

I don't talk often about details of my work. It's tacky to do so, would be banal anyway, and most importantly, it's just flat out inappropriate to retail peoples' problems in a weblog.

Tonight, though, as I drove home, I recognized one simple truth:

No matter how many ninja-loving cold-blooded parent killers this world aberrantly produces,
no matter how many rich people feasting off the bones' of peoples' retirement accounts,
no matter how many ex-cons call innocent people to prayer before entering into sham business transactions to defraud them,
no matter how many reality shows and octos and even
no matter how much fashionable nihilism, long after its sell-by date--

the vast majority of people want to do right by their kids and live their lives with a little grace, and just work hard to figure out how, without undue money, undue advantages, undue wisdom or even undue cynicism.