July 10th, 2009

abstract butterfly

too lonely for epistemology

I'm too lonely for epistemology

I've never been all that given over to loneliness. I've always been fortunate enough to have people I like to be with nearby. I'm also good at entertaining myself.

As I scramble about a bit, though, getting this work task or that work task done, I
remember a kind of quarter-life moment of crisis, when I was actively lonely.

I know that weblog posts are supposed to wrap up with a neat bow, either of brilliant observation or of pithy dialogue. But I will leave this one with a quick mention of the parched feeling of loneliness.
abstract butterfly

Blue hairstreak fantasy

Blue hairstreak fantasy, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I could not resist the 35 dollar video camera at Big Lots. I love outmoded technology in all its lo-fi ways.

Tonight we went to the Market Street grocery for a fine meal (my wife: an exquisite-looking chopped salad; me: two slices of cheese pizza and fresh fruit). We walked around the little shopping area nearby. I held our soft drinks while my wife investigated a store devoted to the proposition that jeans should be more elaborate (and more elaborately priced) than the workaday. I wish I still owned a pair of overalls--and a yellow raincoat with a rain hat.

We stopped at Radio Shack for batteries and an SD card. The man who waited on us at the Allen Radio Shack, a former Marine, waited on us with interest and aplomb, though we were not big-ticket buyers.
I appreciate good service as one of the most gracious courtesies.

In our backyard, a blue hairstreak butterfly stayed on top of the black-eyed susan for minutes on end, leaving me the joy of my point and shoot camera in all its wonder and limitations.

Tomorrow I try out the new Chinese videocam.

Tonight I played with a new freeware softsynth named Felix, which is quite simple and fun.