July 3rd, 2009

abstract butterfly

july 3 quick notes

I arrived home from my Richmond trip late last night. Though we "officially" closed our office today, I went to the office to draft some documents. Then I stopped by the local greenbelt park, which has large trees along a rather controlled creekway. I saw nothing to make a birder gasp with enjoy, but I completely enjoyed watching a chickadee flit from tree to tree. I like the way my chickadees alight just long enough to tantalize, but not long enough to photograph. I stopped by Half-priced books, where I bought 2 DVDs--a Glenn Gould one (not the short films one, but another) and a Ravi Shankar live DVD. I also got a handful of used books. I had turkey at Spring Creek Barbecue.

We went to Rockfish Grill tonight, where I had grilled catfish, skillet potatoes and steamed vegetables.