June 3rd, 2009

abstract butterfly

hamster faith

magnified mustard seed, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

If it is indeed the fog which creeps in on little cat's feet, then perhaps June has hamster paws. I like to imagine that I set my internal clock like a schoolmaster, paying greater attention to the Summer holidays, and lesser attention to the burden of the school term. Yet I now believe that I just pay attention all year around, as if the days, if not quite petty in pace, have nonetheless a measured consistency.

I always like the hamsters in pet shops that look like teddy bears, although I'm sure that there is probably a teddy-bear-hamster rescue which I should love more. Lately, I notice that Sarah McLachlan does really touching commercials for the SPCA. I rather like her, but I keep wondering why the SPCA cannot just once have animals saved to a thrilling house beat, or even a swinging mariachi lilt, complete with
little trilled ai ai ai yiiiiiiis when a pet is adopted on-screen.

I am working with collaborators on a song, which is fun. I listened to part of the Van Cliburn competition on WRR101, which is broadcasting and webcasting the entire finals. What a set-up--to be one of 6 young piano geniuses, vying to be one of the top 2--barring personality defect, the top 2 are pretty much "made" for a career.
Who will win? I don't know. I'm still just glad that I got to see "law and order" as well as hear the Italian contestant play Bach.

I am very busy at work now. I have the faith of a mustard seed that things will come out fine.