May 27th, 2009

abstract butterfly

playful bird

Today at lunch I stopped for a moment at Springfield Park in Rowlett. I walked an open field, and noticed a
scissortail flycatcher perched on a three foot tall weed 50 yards away. As I watched, he launched himself into the air with a showy flourish, capturing bugs and then re-landing. Once he landed in a small tree quite near me. I non-chalantly walked near the tree, hoping to get a photo. I did not get a good photo.
A short while later, he flew from the tree, directly at me, but stopped well short, and flitted off. The feel was not threatening so much as mildly playful--or more precisely "I see you".

Overhead three hawks flew way up high, sometimes chased by songbirds warding them away from nests, and sometimes merely soaring in the air currents. I also saw a cute small northern parula, which has some yellow and a thoughtful facial expression.

Two of the three pianists (out of 29 contestants) I saw in the Van Cliburn preliminary round Sunday were chosen to be among the 12 semi-finalists. Now I can be a fan, and have people for whom to cheer.

My mouse is a bit unstable, which causes me to lose blitz chess games and lose patience with clicking notes on a sequencer.