May 25th, 2009

abstract butterfly

common birds


I took the day off today for the holiday. I rose early, and headed to Erwin Park, in McKinney. Erwin Park features woodlands and open spaces, popular with mountain bikers. I wanted to look at birds and wildflowers.
I did not see any birds different than those at home. I saw cardinals, crows, scissortail flycatchers, starlings, and a great egret. Still, I enjoyed looking at those common species through my binoculars, as when two scissortail flycatcher males felt they should show a crow the error of his ways, and harassed him as he flew lumberingly away. The wildflowers were reasonably profuse--late Spring varieties such as blanketflower, various daisies, and thistle. I stopped by the Heard Natural Science Center on my way home, and viewed skullcap flowers and west Texas wildflowers in their garden.

My wife and I went to the 10:45 a.m. showing of the Star Trek movie, which we enjoyed. Then we went to the outlet mall, where we each had a slice of pizza. I accompanied my wife to a few shops at which we bought nothing. Then we headed home. I got to speak to an old friend on the phone whom I had meant to call for his recent birthday. A kind soul, meanwhile, sent me numerous wave files to use as samples for my synthesizer, which will give me hours of joy. I got my on-line blitz chess rating up from abysmal to merely frightfully low,
by trying the novel tack of just playing simple, sound lines carefully.

I am full of plans which need to be made, and schemes capable of fulfillment.