May 21st, 2009

abstract butterfly

On Twitching (Shadow Dance)

Heron and Egret (Shadow Dance), originally uploaded by gurdonark.

After my time at the Salvation Army drew to a close, I spent the waning moments before sunset at Breckinridge Park in Richardson. I confess that I will never be the kind of birder who keeps extensive life lists, or can identify species like a wikipedia on steroids. I'm instead the kind of nature fan who loves to see swifts and swallows glide by, and who stares in rapt awe at the common tufted titmouse with the uncommonly lovely song, and stares at the malllard drake skimming the creek with grace that moves mountains.

I got a surprise in the Boston Market parking lot when a small dog leaped at the window when I approached my car, only to discover with relief and amusement that another car identical to my own was parked in the same parking lot. He was a cute dog,but I was glad to go to my own car anyway.