May 16th, 2009

abstract butterfly

prom night

My schedule worked out so that I ended up staying last night in an airport terminal hotel in Hartford, Connecticut, before an early morning flight today. I sat in an open area while attendees at a high school prom swarmed the lobby. I am pleased to report that the white tuxedo lives. I am always puzzled on Project Runway when the judges dismiss attire as "prom dress", as it is clear to me that the "prom dress" remains a lucrative opportunity for the budding dress-maker.

Love (ir)radiates

I love any hotel in which the question at check-in is "Would you like 'tarmac view'?".

I am disappointed, a bit, that I managed to take two Connecticut business trips this year, and did not get a chance to check out "Dinosaur State Park" on either. I live my life by the guiding principle that any park named Dinosaur deserves a look-see.

I've been reading about birding in Europe. I love the way that any place other than one's own has this weird kind of alien beauty, waiting to be discovered.