April 23rd, 2009

abstract butterfly

morning star

Today I woke quite early, and watched some vlogs. When I paused to rough house with my dog Ted, I noticed a little crescent moon and a bright morning star, just over the horizon. I did not have a camera, but I have a memory.
abstract butterfly


North Texas Spring, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

My high school class is having a kind of 50th birthday party this weekend, in Little Rock, about 100 miles from where I graduated high school. We had planned to go, but now there are other things that intervene. I am not remarkably close to many of those attending, but I like essentially all of them. I just don't think we're going to make it there, though, which is a little sad, but perhaps not so awful, because I love that I feel warmly and kindly towards them. I will not be missed much, but the kind word or feeling would be there. I worry, though, that the party will lack a wallflower if I do not attend.

I like to think that the halls of every high school were lined with people like me, well-meaning spectators who never quite got in the game.

In the long run, we played our dealt our own cards, and played our own hands, and
watched carefully for crazy 8's. Things worked out fine.