April 16th, 2009

abstract butterfly

Verian Thomas: Median I

Our little netlabel, Negative Sound Institute, released this week a really good album
by Verian Thomas, called Median I. It's melodic guitar ambience, complex and yet atmospheric. I mention it here as I believe it may be just the right cup of mint tea for those with similar tastes.

In these troubled times, it's good to have something free and delicious to hear.
Here is the URL for the album:

Verian Thomas: Median I.

cover(t) art: Bobbi Studstill

Like all of our releases, it's a free download under a Creative Commons license. Its page also has a little widget that lets the listener just stream the songs.

I am particularly partial to this release because each piece feels complete and alive.
It's not so much a set of drone experiments, as a series of short melodies with ambient overtones. The fourth piece has a guest vocal by Mary Sarah which works very well.

If it has been far too long since you lay on green grass and stared up at passing clouds, I suggest you extemporise with this album.