April 15th, 2009

abstract butterfly


"What this world needs is a new kind of army - the army of the kind". ~Cleveland Amory

Pirates on Wall Street. Teen pirates on the high seas. People who sue alleged pirates for pirating music, in an industry which historically does not pay royalties to artists. Historical pirates who did way too much killing and pillaging, and way too little talk like a pirate day.

The Pittsburgh Pirates play in a cool stadium, just across the bridge from the symphony. The Pirates of Penzance features some cool songs. Pirate radio, an anachronism in the internet age, and pirate cookies, of whose existence I am not certain, but which in my mind are like cowboy cookies, only more pirate-y.

The term pirate is a rich term, just like the term "loam" is a rich term, and the term "eucalyptus" is a rich term. When you hear the word "pirate", you conjure up instantly all these borrowed ideas and images. Well, maybe you don't. I had a LiveJournal friend, years ago, who assured me that every time I said "you...this" or "you...that", I was projecting. No doubt I was pirating a feeling. An emotional bogart. Carting off the doubloons.

I wish I lived near a gem mine, where I could sluice for peridot, and continue not to lead a life of crime.
In the meantime, I'll listen for hopeful news and news of kind deeds, with nary a Long John Silver "aargh".