March 25th, 2009

abstract butterfly


Today I got an e-mail from a former law partner. He's written a mystery thriller under a pseudonym. What a fun thing to do! I think that if one is going to write a mystery thriller, then a pseudonym is a cool idea. Otherwise, one is doing a Cornell with a paper bag rather than a box, or one is a character in that Agatha Christie novel in which the narrator is the murderer, except one gets it all wrong and blurts out at the end that the narrator is not really the murderer, but instead has watched too much true crime television on a crimeTV network. I went to amazon and "pre-ordered" said mystery thriller, being of the staunch opinion that every author of good will deserves at least one reader.

Tonight my computer froze and had to be re-booted, and then mysteriously failed to connect to the network for internet access (which was, sadly, lacking in thrills or pseudonyms, if you exclude the choice phrases I nicknamed the computer). My wife helped a bit, and then I took the start she gave me and took it across the goal line, until the connection mysteriously re-connected as thrillingly as I originally lost it. I nearly lost it when I lost it, but I am proud I only felt pangs of frustration and did not vent my frustration in a fashion worthy of the dragon Smaug.

I'm pondering I see it in my vision. Like a mystery thriller by a pseudonymous artist.