March 10th, 2009

abstract butterfly

better mousetraps every day

Blurry March Moon

I longed to know of other planets, and then we discovered some. My theory remains that there is life under the sea as yet undreamt, in ways more wonderful than we now imagine. I'm transfixed by a world of sights and sounds and new discoveries. Accordingly, when I hear the constant recitation of things we as a culture cannot achieve, I get skeptical. If we need to grow food locally, we can do it. If we need better energy sources, we can develop them. If the poor need housing, we can find it. If people need jobs, we can get the economy going. If we all need a little faith, then let grace ascend. If tragedy strikes, we can cry--and then move on.

My little business has a simple model--"life is too short". It is, you know, it is.