March 9th, 2009

abstract butterfly


Today I worked a solid day's work. I read my current library book, the latest installment of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series. I exchanged tweets about North Carolina for our upcoming April trip to Charlotte. My digital camera worked with my binoculars to focus up an image, but the craters came out slightly blurry.

I watched "Chuck", a TV show whose light-hearted spirit amuses me, and "Heroes", which after some false starts slowly worked its way back into being a rather watchable show.

My latest musical discovery is Azoora. I spend too much time checking to see how many people thought the video "Magnum Farce" is "funny" rather than "die" at the funnyordie website.

I like the photo editor at flickr. I like roast beef sandwiches from Firehouse subs. I worry about people going hungry, and displaced pets. The economy has been kinder to us than to some (perhaps related to the vulture-like nature of my work), so I am trying not to live in panic about spending, but to live normally, though with thrift.