March 5th, 2009

abstract butterfly

chickadee and trout lily

I read the posts to this journal that I wrote seven year ago, just after I began the journal. The narrative voice sounds just the same, which, I suppose, renders me a kind of genre.

I went for a walk in the local park during lunch yesterday. I saw trout lilys, among our first late winter wildflowers. I mismanaged the macro setting on my camera, because the pictures all came back blurry. I did enjoy the sight of two enterprising chickadees in my binoculars. One reason I will never be a serious twitching birder is that I enjoy the abundant species as well as the rare.

I'm working on visuals to accompany my song "Faith".

I got tickets last night for us to go see the play "The Odd Couple" in McKinney tomorrow. McKinney's little performing arts center may prove to be a very good thing.