March 3rd, 2009

abstract butterfly

small signs

Sunday an eBay seller reimbursed me a small sum of money I lost because an item sold to me as new turned out to be reconditioned. Sunday before last the museum allowed a 12 year old free admission, although technically one needed to be "under 12" to obtain free admission. Monday I read in "Urban Animal" about people and small non-profits working to fight the holocaust of the slaughter of unwanted pets. Saturday I heard a podcast about a man who opened a mission in Deep Ellum which seeks not to just sling food and scripture at people, but to sit down and listen to people to whom nobody much listens. There are little signs of human decency all around.
abstract butterfly

victory be not proud

Beatrice, Puggle, March 3 2009

Five big wins today:

1. The TV show Reaper returned to the air tonight, saving me from the clutches of American Idol.
2. Lucas Gonze's new internet site Fresh Hot Music, a pulsing station of the best new, free high-energy electronica.
3. an invitation accepted to a Texas independence day party on Saturday.
4. our dog Ted returned to happiness after having to have a tooth or two removed yesterday.
5. our dog Bea holding still long enough for a picture.