February 28th, 2009

abstract butterfly

summary so far

--went to Legacy Books, our local Plano indie bookstore. Quest: niece and nephew books. We laughed out loud at a picture book in which a school age child laments the laziness of babies. We got a lot of chldrens' books, a few magazines. I bought some books for school-age kids about how to draw--for me Anything craft-or-skill-oriented requires me to read at elementary school grade level.

--went to Istanbul, in Plano, the wonderful Turkish restaurant with a new local outlet. Pleased to see it well attended. Love Turkish food. Great waiter, great food.

Faux feather, 100x reduced to 15 percent


--broke out the new point and shoot samsung I got for a song at Garland Camera and Repair.
--figured out how to digiscope pictures through a microscope
--wandered all over north Texas, missing my turn twice for Hagerman Wildlife Preserve, including actually edging across the Red River into Oklahoma
--found the preserve. Last of the snow geese. Wonderful great blue heron close-up. Lots of exotic-to-me ducks and shore birds
--ate a sandwich at JimmyJohn's chain

Saturday night--pending, but I hope we will go to dinner and a movie.