February 17th, 2009

abstract butterfly

vanished in mid-air

Sunday we drove to the movies on Dallas' Central Expressway. As we headed south, we saw a small flash of light arise in mid-air just ahead and over us and then flame out. We marveled and wondered what caused the light. Later my wife heard on the news what for us amounted to a confirmation of my guess. A Russian satellite and an American satellite recently collided in space--the flash was debris burning up upon re-entry into the atmosphere.

Spring is still weeks away, but the first tiny prairie flowers appear at the parks, and our saucer magnolia shows bare limbs and blooms:

Backyard Saucer Magnolia Bloom, Allen, Texas, February 15, 2009
abstract butterfly

sensory experiences

Seventeen, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I'm reading a book about the Texas blackland prairie. I listened today to a concert waltz by Scott Joplin. Ragtime music makes me wish I could play the piano. Today I drove home through a deep and lovely fog. I stopped by the camera store to see if the telescopes were still half off, but the sale expired. The same telescopes sat, unsold, from the days of the sale. I'm enjoying last.fm very much, as well as twitter.