February 10th, 2009

abstract butterfly

The Continuing Education of Gurdonark

Duck Creek February 2009, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I suggest we try an exercise in community sharing of knowledge. Here is how it works:

1. You respond to this post with a comment which says as follows:
"I'm in! My field of expertise is ________________".

You may pick your expertise according to your gifts. For this purpose, expertise need not mean mastery, but only a strong interest and some knowledge. I prefer that you not pick your field satirically.

2. I will respond to you with 2 questions.

My questions will be things that interest me about your field. They will probably be elementary and betray my lack of knowledge--although as with most people who are autodidacts by inclination, I may know a lot about one little thing in your field, and ask you that.

3. You respond with 3 answers.

You must answer the 2 questions I ask, as best as you can. You may use on-line searches to supplement your gaps, as your expertise will make you a better googler in your field than I am.
You will leave a detailed reply to those 2 questions.
you will tell me what is the 3rd question, and you will answer that.
You pick what I should have asked you, and then tell me the answer.

4. When we have a set of questions and answers, each of us will read them all, and learn from our own Continuing Education system.

Shall we dance?