February 9th, 2009

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question: the ideal meal

unanswered questions

If next Saturday were a special day for you, and someone who cooks exquisitely well were cooking for you,
what meal would you choose? What would be the dessert?

Answer as if there are no logistic or economic impediments to you getting the meal you want.
abstract butterfly

against helium

Tonight I think of hard-working people thrown out of work due to a downturn rendered far worse than the ordinary recession through the single-minded greed and lack of vision of a select few.

I have my ideas of the solutions, as has this fellow and that gal and this foundation and that think tank.
Yet in the long run, many of the different solutions must converge, because this unprecedented time will require smart thinking from all quarters and smarter action.

Tonight my hope is that we are seeing the first baby steps to move from ruin to recovery. Time will tell.
The thing I know for sure, though, is that the time for glib phrases and turning a blind eye to the economic situation of our friends and neighbors is long past.

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