January 22nd, 2009

abstract butterfly


mixterglyphics, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today tastes like a Snickers bar. It's got a lot of enticing things--chocolate and nougat. I like the way that its chewy, stretchy nature holds a lot of possibility.

A philosophical problem no less intense than the plain versus peanut M & M epistemology is the question of whether the Snickers bar is so good because it always tastes virtually the same, or whether it is good because as one bites in, different flavors, albeit familiar different fllavors, begin to arise. Besides chocolate and nougat, there is sugar and syrup. There is the surprise of peanuts. If one has gotten in too great a hurry, then there is the sublime addition of a bit of wrapper.

Today is like a Snickers bar because although almost every prospect pleases, there is the chance of the familiar but unexpected surprise, the sensation of molar on peanut, let's imagine.

I don't eat Snickers often these days, confining myself to low-fat candies when candy is on the menu at all. If I splurge, I am more inclined to have a Zero bar, perhaps out of fellow feeling for polar bears. On a whim I might opt for Pop Rocks, which provide one's mouth with lessons on why land mines must be outlawed.

But today my mind is on the twist of nougat and the crunch of peanut, and on the unexpected expected wherever it may arise.