January 20th, 2009

abstract butterfly


beneath the city

Today we emerge from an eight-year cocoon. Let a warm feeling on a chill winter day serve as the first indicator of the arrival of better weather, and the flutter of brighter wings.

We hold our flashlights aloft as we rise through the tunnel, to find we have left the ritual antechambers of departed rulers, and moved into an undiscovered city, full of lights, a new place in which we can explore and learn.

New habits must be learnt amid these changes. People must count as important, where before people just counted coup. Old habits depart, new training wheels slide on. We fell asleep last night full of human frailty. We will wake tomorrow full of the same frailty.

Yet we hope, and will hope. We assume once more our shaken faith. We believe in love, and love transforms us all.