December 28th, 2008

abstract butterfly

Saturday, Sunday

On Saturday I ate oatmeal, checked out a book on birds at the library, took a nature walk with binoculars at the Heard Natural Science Center in nearby Fairview (gorgeous hawks and a huge red-headed woodpecker, as well as little yellow birds I must look up to identify), created a very simple Youtube video using a friend's chill song which I am sure will amuse me more than my friend, using a set of my photos, and geometric shapes I programmed. I also created an minimalist ambient drone song for a netlabel compilation album , using a sample I crafted with a spirit flute. I tackled the garage--throwing away a lot of things, and donating a number of things to Good Will (surface scratched). Then I ate pizza, and got a good night's sleep.

On Sunday I arose early, worked on a matter subject to a work deadline almost all day, walked the dogs, watched a smidgin of sports, and ate pho ga with shrimp spring rolls.

Onward, upward, moving, doing. Happy 2008. Happy 2009 to be.