December 23rd, 2008

abstract butterfly

The Holly and the Ivy

I really like the music of my friend Lisa DeBenedictis. For the second year in a row, I decided to create a Christmas song, using a public domain classic. I found a public domain melody for the traditional English carol, the "Holly and the Ivy". I added some samples of a winter's sea. I sequenced out the melody with my synthesizer, using my nose flute sample to create the "voice". Then I asked my friend Lisa to supply the lead vocal part. She rapidly put together a little mix of vocals, backing vocals and keyboards, which I melded into my mix. A foghorn and a sonar ping or two later, and "The Holly and the Ivy (Wintersea)" was born.

Here is the place to hear (or download for free) The Holly and the Ivy (wintersea), featuring Lisa DeBenedictis".

I hope each of you, regardless of creed or longing, enjoys a wonderful holiday.