December 21st, 2008

abstract butterfly

crystal dreams of stars

We went last night to "Cadillac Records", a fictionalized version of the Chess Records story. The film affected me positively--it sent me to the internet to figure out the fact from amid the fiction, and it confirmed my understanding that culture is not something trickling down from "out there" that the largest institutions and corporations control, but something that percolates upward from among ordinary people.

This morning I wrote a song and then added a great spoken word track by Narva9 from CCmixter. I was explaining to my wife that for the synthesizer melody I created a sound sample by lightly tapping the upstairs guest room ashtray with a wooden mallet--when she said "that's not an ASHTRAY, that's my Orrefors crystal!". I took some of my Logo images, put it all in the little muvee video maker, and then created a simple wmv file.

I therefore present a small symphony in crystal: