December 20th, 2008

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bringing order

remembering chaos, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I want to go where the snow geese rest.

It's a place called hagerman, about forty miles north of here.
Snow and Ross geese stop by on their way from the north to the south.
They eat what is there, and then they move on to grain-filled pastures.

I created a song about this place, using a re-sampled kazoo, a sample from a fellow called _ghost and a sample from a fellow called sleepless. It's about the quiet and yet mildly rough wonder of fields of geese:

"Snow Geese at Hagerman Wildlife Reserve" song

It's been just over three years since I created this song. I know a bit more about what I am doing now than I did then, but I like this one better than a lot of things I have done since I created this. Perhaps I will have my sense of wonder recharged if I go to see the geese.

I worked until late last night, and then rose at 5:30 a.m. and worked three hours more. I have much more work to do. I am grateful for that, rather than resentful. I am in the kind of mood in which one re-reads Charles Dickens, listens to podcasts about science, and
plays classical music involving small chamber groups.

abstract butterfly

A Holiday Wish

"What we do here in our country will shape the lives of people all over the world. In World War II we were challenged with a dormant approach to production of weapons and other goods, and... responded and turned the tide of that challenge from Hitler. And we also have become a breadbasket of the world....

As we go through a time of rebuilding and revitalizing and necessarily changing our economic structure, our industrial base, we must not forget the human needs that exist among us. The Constitution of the United States spells this out very clearly for us; that we must have stability, public peace, as well as equal opportunity.... [A]s we have a better life for those like the ones in this room have been blessed so greatly, we cannot forget those who haven't yet been blessed as well as we.

That's part of the challenge; it's part of the opportunity; it's part of a democratic life; it's part of the life of the greatest nation on Earth". --President Jimmy Carter, Spring, 1980

I am a huge believer in technology, in the virtues of enhanced inter-connection made possible by the information era, and in the tremendous possibilities offered by advances in science. I believe that we have the chance to create a sustainable, renewable, and compassionate economy. Perhaps in the rubble of our collapsing economy, and in the determination of those who want change, we can see a better New Year.