November 13th, 2008

abstract butterfly


When I was in tenth grade, we made stained glass cathedral windows.
Never mind that we used cellophane and construction paper instead of glass and leaded metals.

I made a replica of a window from the Cathedral at Chartres. My work did not amount to a masterpiece, but it came out as something much more attractive than I would have told you I could do before I started.

I wonder if kids today, bathed in video imagery, get to enjoy the sight of the great stained glass of the world on the overhead screen in geometry class, and then get to enjoy building their own "stained glass" with scissors, an exacto knife, and paste.

When I visited Chartres, many years later, the glass seemed like an old friend.

abstract butterfly

unseen pleasures

I'd like to restate that meme, please.

If you saw me in the bakery, nose pressed to the glass of the cookie section, what would I be ordering?

More importantly, what would you be ordering?

No need to re-post, unless you wish to do so--shake and bake right here.