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October 4th, 2008


I am pretty much well now, after 15 days of this minor complaint and that. I feel so happy to feel good again.

We hiked at the Heard Natural Science Center, where autumn flowers bloomed, and we saw lots of birds. We went to "Ghost Town", which was a wonderful movie. I always enjoy films with Tea Leoni. I did a music remix today in a few hours, after days in which I could barely do anything hobby-oriented.

All this news has caused me to focus on compassion in small things, and things that matter. I have also continued re-reading "Tom Brown's School Days", a period piece nonetheless inspiring in its own way. I think it's so important to focus on the tasks before one,as the author suggests.

I have a bid in for two ocarinas on eBay. We watched "Miss Pettigrew...." last night on DVD--I liked it and my wife dozed off, which perhaps summarizes the movie well.

We ate at Firehouse Subs tonight. I see a minor tendency already to cut back in tiny ways--a sandwich rather than a fine meal on a Saturday night. I suspect I am one of legion in thinking this way.

Yet I still would like (a) a new car stereo with an mp3 aux jack; (b) a folding bike that will fit in my trunk; and (c) a 500 GB hard drive, suitably installed. I am afraid my wisdom is still more than a bit clouded by desire.