August 30th, 2008

abstract butterfly

12 notions

1. I think it's a good thing that this election will yield either the first African-American president or the first female vice president. It's amazing, though, that it's 2008 and we're just now presented with this possibility--and it's such a novelty. We have so far to go.

2. Today I go to my 30th high school reunion, which is being held on the 31st anniversary, at a town 100 miles from my high school. Not only to do times change, but also cities, people, and memories. The school? Vanished. Merged into the neighboring district.

3. When I went to law school in Little Rock, I was sure I would settle there permanently. Then a job arose in Dallas. I never lived in Little Rock again. Now it's been 24 years, and it's likely I will never live there again at all.

4. Emptying the recycle bin is fun, but I must remember to break down and buy some additional hard drive. That little "running out of space" bubble afflicts me during any creative project.

5. The morning clouds have a pink hue. Some morning I must do a time-lapse photo set.

6. I wish I understood the Ulead video program as well as I understand Windows Movie Maker.

7. I wish I could figure out how to export a still from Ulead, as when I do what the directions say, the "export still" button is visible but "hidden".

8. The second Los Angeles wiretap case ended in a guilty verdict. It's been an interesting trial to follow.

9. I want to figure out how to buy clothes that are more "fair trade" or "made in the USA".

10. Being a shopper in a down economy is like having this immense luxury of choice at low prices.

11. Jamendo is such a great service.

12. I'll bet I look 30 years older to my classmates than I did 30 years ago.