August 28th, 2008

abstract butterfly

hope is a red balloon filled with helium

It's hard to believe that it's Thursday, and that August wanes like the last phase before a new moon. It's a time for taking stock, and feeling comfortable in one's skin. This month has been a month of good news and odd news, of revelations and reconsiderations, of seeing the future and loving its misty, blurry, uncertainty. A month of worry, of anxiety, of hope, of joy.

If I had a pot of hot water and a tea bag handy, I'd have a spearmint tea,and reflect upon what is and was and yet will be. We watched Senator Barack Obama tonight accept the nomination of the Democratic Party for the United States presidential race. I was pleased with the speech. It's a pleasure to see a little civility
in a political speech.

I have a sense of sea change, of tasks to do, and of the possibility of fascinating and fascionation. Not a bad world, this world, thorny though it may be.