August 5th, 2008

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Gurdonark Interview

Simple and direct
fortunately, I had my wife take a better picture for the interview

This kind fellow I know from CCMixter called Spinmeister contacted me recently about doing an interview for the Mixter. I felt thrilled, because CCMixter, the Creative Commons remix site, is a really great site.

Spinmeister sent me a set of well-chosen interview questions, to permit me a space in the "Artist's Spotlight" on the site. I plunged into the interview with my customary
abundance of enthusiasm, resulting in the type of effusive burst that readers of this weblog will recognize as my own.

The "Artist's Spotlight" piece, which effectively takes highlights of the piece, is posted over at CCmixter. CCMixter even put in a little flash player of several of my remixes, as well as a color photo taken by my wife.

Spinmeister did me an added courtesy, by posting the entire interview over at his own
weblog, which is here.

In the interviews, I set out a lot of my theories about making music, open source,
my own foibles and flaws, and a potpourri of ideas and notions.

I'm so grateful for this type of interview process, for Spinmeister's kind assistance, and of course to the Mixter for featuring me.

I like this type of thing because nothing makes me focus on the answer to my personal questions so succinctly as a proper bit of question and answer.

If any of you wish to join in the discussion, then the comments sections here or at the interview are fun places to chime in.