July 13th, 2008

abstract butterfly

little hidden lizard

This afternoon I tackled my car. I cleaned. I sorted. I moved things from car to house. I noted in the trunk that I had 2 Scrabble games, a 3rd place Punt, Pass and Kick trophy dated 1968, a collection of cards people sent me for high school graduation, an unopened kit for a pinhole camera (since placed on bookmooch.com), and the usual array of things I need not enumerate because any day reading my weblog would offer a pretty good run-down of what is involved.

Tomorrow the car goes to one of those pleasant-but-not-carried-away places to go through a bit of a wash and scrub and minor makeover. I hope the car cleans up nicely, so that our road trip at the end of the week
works out without a hitch.

When I was standing in my garage, I saw a tiny lizard walking on the perimeters of the garage. He made for a corner in which he stopped still-stock, nearly totally blended in with the drab area against which he leaned. I snapped a picture or two, in which he barely appears. Natural camouflage fascinates me.

Today I'm reading William E. Barrett's "Lilies of the Field", a book deserving of (and receiving) an excellent Sidney Poitier movie treatment. Aside from that I focused in the main on practical things, to good effect.
Now for three solid days of hard work--I'm actually pleased by the prospect.