July 12th, 2008

abstract butterfly

Ode to a Turkey Sandwich

All I really want in a sandwich is turkey, wheat bread, lettuce, salt and pepper, with baked chips and a pickle on the side, and a diet soda to drink. I once was of the mind that this particular bill of fare constituted the ultimate in bland eating, and that I would never be able to eschew hamburgers and huge beef burritos for the agony of boredom.

Now I find that when I have lunch, an expertly-made simple turkey sandwich meal fulfills my every gustatory need. I wish I could report that this sea change arises from some outburst of personal virtue or an iron-like resolution of will. In fact, the change is more a matter of getting used to something, and growing to love it.

Today was a full day. I took a young friend on a dawn fishing trip to Glendover Pond (if you liked the three fish we caught, you should have seen the catfish that got away--we did, as I almost had him to shore, before he broke the line and swam off). I made measurable progress in making my car a more livable place.

My wife and I had a completely delightful visit and an excellent Thai dinner with tx_cronopio. I spent a few hours trying to convert the MIDI of a cool little 19th Century guitar song into a 21st Century ambient piece, but abandoned the effort when my work sounded like a 1973-era attempt to play a forgotten church hymn on a cheap Funmachine. We watched "Gandhi" on the television--such an inspiring man.

Despite a world of things I could discuss, from the lovely hawk which flew overhead to my theory that flickr is one of my favorite social networks, I'd rather talk turkey.

People talk a lot about a simple life, and I suppose I like a simple sandwich. Please spare the condiments, and give them to people who wish to eat them in remote and lovely foreign climes. Also, please ensure the turkey tastes as if it is turkey rather than pressed spam. Do not think at all of adding mayonaisse, in the same way that you would not think of adding WD-40. Do not force me to eat any kind of odd store brand of "kettle chips", which can contain a 12 grams of fat. I am indifferent whether you toast the bread or serve the bread cold, but make sure the bread is a pleasure and not an afterthought.

This rather kind but sadly inadequate president during the early stages of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover, declared that all America needed was a "good laugh". In this era of more sophisticated economic flux, I imagine that those who are non-vegetarian might enjoy a simple turkey sandwich--low fat, no frills, simple and sufficient. I like to strive to make the things I do work as simply as a turkey sandwich works for me.