July 9th, 2008

abstract butterfly

How to Make a Flipbook (special crafting feature)

Video artist and flipbook expert Lookability just enlisted a cool cat to give a simple tutorial in how to make a flipbook. A flipbook is a hand-held animation, which utilizes analog materials such as paper, glue and opposing thumbs. I'm delighted that one of my remix songs, "Post-Industrial Lullaby", soundtracks with a jaunty music-box-and-robots feel. Get out your crafting tools, and watch this special presentation, posted for your long-term enjoyment at blip.tv:

Many thanks to lookability for making my music part of the fun.
abstract butterfly


I like that I learn so much by reading on-line about what others know. I am rarely troubled by how little I know, because I, like the magpie, can somehow pick up a little ribbon here, and a little string there, and build a nest all my own.

I seem to be in a busy phase now--lots to do during the day, lots to do in my hobby life. I have that kind of outsurge towards interconnection afflicting me, which may be the result of the bloom of focus in my life.
If fear is Herbert's mindkiller, no doubt focus is the great rejuvenator, sometimes.

I love the sense that everything is moving through the lanes as it should; not predictably,exactly, but with a predictable rush and turn.

I am beginning to believe that there is room for both flickr and identi.ca in my life, although micro-blogging is not my macro-way of doing things. Someone's weblog sent me to a curious paean to a sci fi magazine discussing Intelligent Design. The weblog celebrated the fact as if a mention in a sci fi magazine was equivalent to Received Wisdom of Modern Science. I can tell the poster had never been to Barsoom.

I am excited, by the way, that they are doing a very cartoon-y Journey to the Center of the Earth. I wish we had more lightweight popcorn afternoon thrillers--and more songs about buildings and food.

A friend asked me if I liked a sample she sent me, and it reminded me I must find where I put it and remix it.
I also see it is time for gurdonark.com to be fired up, but first I must get the fire and the time.

I have plans,and I know how to use them.