May 14th, 2008

abstract butterfly

1 out of 665,000

I love the way that coincidence reinforces one's sense of being a character in a play in which only 3 actors play all the parts. On Monday, I was on the 28X bus, heading from downtown Pittsburgh to the airport, when I noticed a woman get on the bus. She was the same Rumanian lawyer living in Luxembourg
whom I had met at a bus stop in an entirely different neighborhood two nights previously, heading off to catch her flight home. She did not recognize me at first, because I look slightly different in my everyday Saturday clothes, wearing a baseball cap, than I look in a business suit. I reminded her who I was, and she filled me in on what it is like to hunt for a job as a newly-qualified lawyer in Paris, working from internship to internship and what it is like to practice law in Luxembourg. She said she could only form a vague impression about what she had seen on her trip, but she could not help but notice the gap between rich and poor. I assured her that we worry about that here, too.

When I arrived at the airport, I wished her a good flight home, and moved on to the check-in lines. The lines were filled with young chess champions, bearing trophies from the national schoolchildren's championship that Pittsburgh had hosted that weekend. There's something fun about 4 foot tall people carrying three foot tall trophies.
abstract butterfly

jaunty juxtapose

This morning I began work on a new song to accompany a really cool spoken word sample. Although the spoken word sample is on the "darker" side, the melody is rather jaunty, so tonight I'm leavening things out with
samples which cut against the jaunty grain.

I also spent time creating a credits list for a short film I've soundtracked. The problem with using 30 samples in a remix is that one must attribute to 30 artists.

I'm excited about an incentive to write some new creative material for a poetry contest, as well. It's not so important the pretext to create--it's important to have a pretext and pretend it matters. It's all in the plot and the plan.

We had dinner tonight at Ralph & Kacoo's, a Lousiana-style chain that capably grills catfish. Perhaps tomorrow raisin bran will spontaneously reappear in our cupboard--or perhaps I will go to the store and get some more.