May 10th, 2008

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A small part of me always says "you know, self, you really ought to sleep in on Saturdays", but the greater, and better, part of me says instead "time to ramble"!
abstract butterfly

How I Learned to Love Swissvale

This morning the hotel was afire with excitement, because the Snow Angels are in town!
The Snow Angels are undeniably cool: orange-suited flyers from the frozen north who make Canadian bacon patterns in the sky. Tonight at the tiny hotel gift shop, one came in, post-show, to admiring compliments from a middle-aged fan, and this pilot looked like someone really cool from the Space Academy in the Robert A. Heinlein novel Podkayne on Mars, the one in which the Super Intelligent Aliens put the earth on trial to determine if the planet's atmosphere needs to be destroyed by tilting the planet sideways, not realizing that excessive driving of Ford Explorers and smoggy foreign factories would do the trick in 2 generations. Silly aliens, Trix are for kids.

But neither a borrower nor a Snow Angel be--I went to the museums instead. I was bound for the Carnegie! Then, on to Swissvale, and Bucharest-lawyer-chat!

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