May 7th, 2008

abstract butterfly

liszt/imminent trip

It's almost time to shower and pack for this upcoming business trip. Sometimes a last minute change of plan
alters things, but it looks as if I am flying to Pittsburgh tonight for a trip that will last until Monday evening. The clouds I see from my computer room window match the somewhat inclement weather forecast. I hope that the storm has passed by the time I fly.

A weblog post I wrote about remix culture in classical music, and the Liszt/Paganini connection, resonated with some folks, who were kind enough to quote it in other weblogs. I am pleased that this advocacy for voluntary licensing of intellectual property resonated. One weblog, for Creative Commons dot org, linked into my song "Black-eyed Susan", which I had not listened to for a year or two. It was fun to think how I would mix it differently now. I should do more tracks with sliced and altered celesta sounds.

I have a lot of work to do while I am on the road. I'm eager to get as much done at the office today as I can, and to be productive and yet rested on my travels.