April 25th, 2008

abstract butterfly

plans to make or unmake

I've been working up options for tomorrow. The goal is to drive less, and either stay close to home or take a train somewhere. Here are the options thus far:

1. Take the train to Fort Worth to see a university ensemble play Terry Riley's "In C" at the Modern Museum of Art.
2. Take a train to downtown Dallas to see "Discover India", with classical dances and music on a stage.
3. Take a train to the Dallas zoo to see the huge new butterfly exhibit
4. Take a walk in Erwin Park in McKinney in the morning, and then go to the 12.30 live simulcast of a Donizetti light opera from the Met at the local movie house.
5. Take a train and a train and a bus to Fort Worth to go to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden
6. Take a train to the Dallas Arboretum
7. Drive to nearby Bethany Lakes Park and walk and watch the ducks and people.
8. Walk the long-ish walk to the Allen Public Library.

So far item 5 is leading, but any of the 8 could win, and new candidates may yet arise.

I worked incredibly hard this week, in some ways--and yet in other ways, I can remmeber weeks in the past when I worked harder--and during those weeks, I remmeber people I worked among who worked harder still. Work is like gravel--you can think you have a lot, but all it takes is a conveyor belt and a bulldozer and the gravel keeps rolling in.

I remember once my nephew and I sorted gravel in an elementary school parking lot, and were fascinated to find little trilobite fossils in small stones. No matter how pedestrial and suburban life seems, there's a trilobite behind every corner.