April 14th, 2008

abstract butterfly

please fence me in

I note that I get a surprising amount of comfort from the simple fact that a repair has remedied the small section of fence that the winds blew off last week. I am glad we got the fellow who helps us with handyman stuff to do the modest repair, as he did a much nicer job than I would have done.

I like the way that in some ways one can imagine that Monday has "wiped the slate clean", allowing one new chances to succeed or fail to prosper. Last night I finally got a really good night's sleep, which helps me to realize that regular hours are their own reward.

I read up yesterday on electric vehicles. I concluded that while many gizmos created thus far entertain and delight, I will for the present seek to cut consumption in the way I use my automobile. I have been somewhat successful in keeping my mileage down,without really having for forego little day trips I really wish to take.

Yesterday I mentioned a disconcerting experience in which a casual acquaitance from college contacted me years later with a form-ish letter suggesting I help fund his underground missionary experience to China.
I was making the point that I had not heard from this fellow at all--not even a routine Christmas card--and that he saw me as just one more name on a mailing list to support his goal of becoming a rockstar missionary. One of my listeners, a man who runs an admirable charity which provides help to kids in a home in rural Honduras, grinned and said "I know now to send you a Christmas card this year".

In this same vein, I am skeptical of these "click on the internet and save the world" memes one sees everywhere. For that matter, I am mildly delighted that "meme" is not longer quite the "word du jour" it once seemed to be. I am nonetheless pleased to report that the Good Search search engine actually works as a way to raise money for charity merely by doing something one would do anyway. Each search run on the goodsearch search engine raises about a penny for a chosen charity.
I chose the house I mentioned in Honduras above, a charity called "Send Hope". The Goodsearch engine, the yahoo engine with a charitable sheen, is not as comprehensive as Google. But we're reaching the point in life when 100,000 decent results are almost as good as 1,000,000. If you'd like to do a little for charity without having to get up early or nail any fences, then use Goodsearch.com. If you aren't sure which charity to pick, then Send Hope will do.

Our dogs are delighted that the fence is fixed, though the mechanics of the thing, I suspect, are too abstract for their admirable literal focus.
abstract butterfly

april gave us springtime

Today during lunch I took a moment to stop by Rowlett Creek Park. I walked in open spaces and on a simple wooded trail. The trees all had leaves, and the grasses were ankle-high. I had a throwaway camera with me, and I snapped pictures with abandon, as if this were the first Spring, and these were the first signs of green in the history of time.