April 13th, 2008

abstract butterfly

what I did

1. visited the Heard Natural Science annual Spring native plant sale. 8 plants purchased, each in a small pot. Favorite? Brown-eyed susans.

2. spotted a mountain bluebird and a house finch.

3. listened to a theologian give a talk on parables. Decided I liked parables better than calculus.

4. new music: bought cool electronica from Creative Commons artists Trifonic; a faux symphonic tribute to the Wizard of Oz on Dharmasound netlabel; finally moved the Neil Young women artists charity tribute onto my mp3 player; downloaded a free Rachmaninoff piano piece from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum's free concert mp3 collection; purchased from Magnatune dot com a collection of baroque guitar pieces, each a moment or two long, by James Edwards. Downloaded from carnegiehall dot org a new piece of contemporary music by a young composer named Lam.

5. saw a fascinating short video shot in Copenhagen which provoked thought and a long comment.

6. read the sci fi novel,when the visitors almost realize their ancestors were earthlings.

7. marveled at a newly repaired fence.

8. noted my weight do a bit of a wild fluctuation once more at weigh-in time.

9. daydreamed about resting.