April 6th, 2008

abstract butterfly

sister grove revisited

Today I went to Sister Grove Park with a friend. We flew a kite in the brisk cross-currents of wind. Then we hiked roughly five miles in the scraggle-wooded trail, while cardinals, mockingbirds and what I imagine to be warblers sang all around us.

Then we did a trace of fishing in Lake lavon, before adjourning to my friend's house to introduce me once again to the ocarina-prone adventures of Zelda. I have never been a big Zelda player, but when I was in college I completely would asked any girl out who played an ocarina, and I was awfully shy.

I noticed that my first rating at the International Correspondence Chess Federation came in just over 1700, a good bit higher than the unmitigated disaster I had feared it might have been. Yet in the team tournament I will be lucky to hold a draw or two, so the worst may be yet to come. Today I moved in one game and felt the inner comfort of believing I had equalized a position, only to figure out, right before my opponent did, that I actually had allowed a fork which would result in my having dropped a piece--and the game. Comfort is a curious thing. But I did learn how to play "ode to joy" on the can-jo, and took a stress respite with the Sisters Dashwood on Masterpiece Theater.